Injection Moulding and Services


At GS Group we are proud of our history in injection moulding and our clear focus on our clients. We understand the market pressures our clients operate in and our role in supporting their initiatives.

At the GS Group, quality is a way of life. We collectively focus on delivering high quality products and a high quality of service. Supported by a quality system and guidelines, our staff are equipped to deliver the desired outputs consistently and meet our clients’ expectations.


Our close relationship with material technologists provides us with an insight into current innovations and trends and gives us access to a global knowledge base. In the natural course of business we assess new innovations, new materials and developments in the plastics industry such as the application of antibacterial, antiviral and antistatic nanotechnology to plastics. We bring all these products, options and opportunities to our clients’ attention.

We believe our access, and ability to combine this diverse knowledge in a practical way, helps our clients improve their products, diversify their range and take advantage of new market opportunities quickly.

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